Monday, December 15, 2014

NY Professor Charged in Connection With Assault on Cop During Protest

Here is another heart-warming story coming out of Saturday's anti-police protests. Eric Linsker, who teaches part-time at City University of New York, has been arrested and charged in connection with an incident in which a NY cop was assaulted (by another man).

Lovely. CUNY will probably now promote him to a full-time appointment.

In other campus news associated with the protests, law students at Harvard, Georgetown and Columbia are asking their administrations to postpone exams because-get this- they are too traumatized by the Michael Brown-Eric Garner cases to take their exams at this time.

Here is something to consider: Had Michael Brown succeeded in taking away Officer Darren Wilson's gun and killing him, do you think there would have been any protests in Ferguson or anywhere else around the country? No, there wouldn't be. Eric Linsker would not have been walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with a trash can presumably full of goodies to throw at the cops below. Officer Chan would not have been assaulted. Nor would we have traumatized law students begging their schools to postpone exams. We wouldn't be talking about any of this right now.

Then again, Eric Linsker would probably never have any hope of getting that full-time appointment. 

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