Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jonathan Gruber on Abortion

Hat tip The New American

MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber has not only made waves by helping to write Obamacare. Now he is on record as supporting abortion. Not because he defends "a woman's right to choose", rather because it saves money and makes life better for all of us by removing poor babies ("marginal children").

"Positive selection".

In the below article you can link to a paper he helped write (just like he helped write Obamacare).

This, of course, approaches what Margaret Sanger believed when she established the predecessor agency to Planned Parenthood. She wanted to reduce the non-white births in America-and she succeeded beyond her wildest dreams although she hasn't lived to see the full fruition of her efforts.

As pointed out in the article, if it is true that abortion saves society money, then it must also be true that euthanasia of the elderly, the infirm (and the retarded) also saves society money. But at what cost to our souls? That was one of the lessons of Nazi Germany.

I will go a step further. While Nazi Germany had its share of wild-eyed fanatics driven by hate, it also was driven by cold, hard technocrats who crunched the numbers and made the death trains to Auschwitz run on time, men like Himmler and Eichmann.

This guy Gruber really scares me. Can death panels really be far behind?

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Squid said...

The perfect man for the Obama administration.