Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jonathan Gruber Meets Trey Gowdy

Hat tip Eagle Rising

Yesterday, MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber testified before Congress regarding his role in crafting the Affordable Care Act and was hit hard by both sides of the aisle for his numerous videotaped comments about the stupidity of the American voter and other comments that indicated that the ACA was built on a foundation of deceptions. The above video is a 6-minute tape of questions by Trey Gowdy (D-SC).

You might think at first that Gowdy (an ex-prosecutor) was wasting his allotted time with his line of questioning as to why Gruber made his negative comments about Americans and their intelligence-or lack thereof. I would disagree. What Gowdy succeeded in doing was showing that Gruber was being dishonest in his constant answer that he was trying to make himself look smart by pretending he was a political expert.

Also pay attention to Darrell Issa's (R-CA)  question to Gruber at the very end. He asked whether at any of these academic settings anyone had come up to Gruber and commented that his remarks were inappropriate. Gruber's answer? Not that he could recall. Very telling because in all the videos I watched from one campus appearance to another, the only reaction I saw or heard was laughter from the audience. That's academia, Folks. Tell an academic audience that the American people are stupid and all you get is laughter and applause.

In other testimony I watched on TV, Gruber was asked if anyone from the White House had ever discussed with him the need to disguise the tax aspect of ACA. Gruber could not recall.

In other questioning from Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Gruber was asked about all the tax-payer money (millions of dollars) he has received from various state sources for similar work as he did on the ACA. He repeatedly answered that they  should take it up with his lawyer.

Yesterday, Gruber cemented his reputation as an arrogant pinhead. He also came across as dishonest and evasive. It will not be the last time he appears before Congress to explain himself.

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