Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Good Christmas News From Israel (Denisa)


Christmas miracles come in all forms!! Earlier this morning, I phoned Hank just to say hello and wish him a Blessed Christmas Eve, and he told me that he was on his way back to Bethlehem, following a 5+ hour OR observation – Denisa had her surgery this morning!
Late last night, Tamar who works for Save A Childs Heart, called Hank and said that her surgery would not take place today because of a full ICU.  Early this morning, he received a phone call that a little boy who was ahead of Denisa for surgery got sick and his surgery was bumped; also a bed in the ICU opened!  So he quickly drove the 50 minute drive to the hospital to be part of the operation.  It began at 8:00am this morning and finished at 1:30pm.  
Dr. Sasson, the cardiac surgeon was extremely intent throughout the surgery, as it was a very complicated one.  Three holes in her heart were closed, the doctor found a large blockage in one of the arteries leaving her heart that had to be opened, and a valve had to be repaired. An external pacemaker had to be used, with wires leading directly to her heart; at the point where they started the heart beating on its own, the rate was very sporadic, between 70 to 180 beats per minute.
Dr. Houry, the ICU head doctor, will keep her sedated and asleep all night.  He wants her free of any disturbances, and has requested that her mother leave the hospital to ensure that Denisa is not disturbed for any reason. So a few Romanian ladies from the church came and picked up Adriana and took her to their Christmas Eve service. The doctor who took over for Dr. Houry in the ICU, “just happened” to speak fluent Romanian...another of God’s miracles.  So he was able to speak to Adriana and hopefully put her at ease before she left the ICU.

If her night goes well, they will extubate her and then wake her up - Christmas morning.  How awesome is that??  Hank reports that it was so wonderful to see her oxygen level reach almost 100% and watch her skin turn pink!!
Rejoice in answered prayer and miracles of new life!  Pray that Denisa will sleep comfortably tonight, that her body will begin fully healing, and that there will be no complications, the first 48 hours are so critical!

What better way to celebrate the wonder and miracles of Christmas!
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The above is from One New Heart and is an update on the progress of Denisa, a Romanian girl who has now undergone heart surgery in Israel. Please continue your prayers for her.

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