Monday, December 29, 2014

George Galloway Defends Russell Brand's Rant at a British Reporter

The pussy cat drinking his milk

Every time I see Brits like comedian Russel Brand and fellow comedian George Galloway on American soil, it makes my skin crawl. Last we heard from Gorgeous George  he was getting tuned up by some guy who thought he was anti-Semite. That was surprising to me because when I heard Georgie speak at UC Irvine while he was collecting funds for Hamas, he warned any opponents in the audience that if they were thinking of coming after him, he was an ex-boxer, had lots of friends in the room (true), and it was a long way to the door.

Now George tells people that he is afraid to go out alone after the beating attack. In other words, he is now a big pussy cat.

But let's get to the point, which is George's latest "headline". He has now summoned up enough courage to come to the defense of another well-known British puke, fellow comedian Russell Brand. Russie, for his part, called a British reporter a "snide" for asking an inconvenient question. It's all detailed below with a 6-minute clip of George's career in politics-highly entertaining.

"Daddie, what's a "snide"?

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