Friday, December 12, 2014

European Liberalism in Action-ISIS Returnees Get Community Service, Counseling, College Courses

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism"

"Rather than face arrest, returning Danish jihadists receive free psychological counseling and help finding jobs or university admission.

While serious observers of ISIS consider ways to keep fighters with Western passports from returning home to carry out acts of terror, Switzerland and Denmark have taken the cake for showing off where wacko liberalism puts their populace in grave danger.

In the case of Switzerland, there may be mitigating factors in this one case of a man who had second thoughts after leaving Switzerland. I am guessing the man was a native Swiss convert. What are the mitigating factors in the case of Denmark? In the latter case, it appears to be a blanket policy.

There is an urgent need for all our countries to pass laws that make it clear: If you join ISIS, you have joined an enemy army, you face prosecution, and your naturalization will be taken away if you are an immigrant.

This is war.

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