Saturday, December 27, 2014

Denisa's Progress

In Israel, Denisa, the Romanian girl who is One New Heart's latest sponsored child, continues to make good progress from her open heart surgery. Here is the latest report:

Visiting Denisa today at the hospital, Hank saw that she had been up walking around.  Medical staff encourages the children to get up and walk very soon following surgery to prevent fluid build-up in the lungs, causing pneumonia.  As one can well imagine, this is by far pain-free.  Even something as simple as a light cough causes great pain.  However, the good news is that she is free from any machines and tubes!  Thus far, there has been no indication of infection – no fevers.  So that, too, is good news!
During one of the operations, Hank noticed that when they take the heart off all the by-pass machines to re-start it, the tension in the room raises dramatically. Everyone waits with bated breath to see if the heart begins pumping again and if it has a regular heartbeat.  In Denisa’s case, it was even more tension-filled as she was on the by-pass machines longer than normal.  It took almost 10 minutes for her heart to begin a normal beating pattern.  Hank commented to Dr. Sasson that it is a miracle that the heart starts back up.
Dr. Sasson responded, “No, the miracle is that any child survives open heart surgery.”  And that is the truest statement.  When you observe this surgery, it becomes glaringly apparent how imperative it is to pray these children through it and literally back to life.
In our next update, we will share a photo of what the body goes through to get healed…so please note: if you’d rather not see a graphic image, please do not open the very next email.  
Only God can create such a masterpiece of the human body and make allowances for surgeries such as this.  So we thank you for your prayers of intercession on behalf of these children who undergo such trauma to get healed!
With all our love, Hank,Michele,Abbyrose,Levi & Moriah
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