Sunday, December 14, 2014

Barbarism Knows No Bounds

Hat tip Jihad Watch

As we watch the developments in Sydney and pray for the hostages, it is becoming impossible to keep up with the barbarism being carried out by Islamic State and their followers. In the war zone covering Iraq and Syria, these savages have carried out more beheadings and stonings.

Meanwhile, the Somali terrorists of Al Shabaab have beheaded two Somali policewomen.

Attention Council on American Islamic Relations: What will you say if any of those hostages in Australia are killed? Are you going issue a condemnation? Your "condemnations" have worn thin to the point of being meaningless. Are you going to couple it with more complaints of Islamophobia? How can you even define the term any more?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

And your point is?

I mean, obviously, we kill these thugs whenever we have the opportunity. Are you trying to persuade someone? Have they been mistaken for practitioners of non-violence civil disobedience lately?