Friday, December 19, 2014

Anthropologists Jump on Anti-Israel Bandwagon

My friend and colleague Tammi Benjamin, a professor of Hebrew at UC Santa Cruz, has penned a report in the Times of Israel describing how some 900 anthropologists have signed on to the anti-Israel bandwagon. They are called "Anthropologists for Justice in Palestine" ( an off-shoot from Golfers for Justice in Palestine, if not mistaken). About half of them, naturally, are from universities.

No, Indiana Jones didn't sign it.

I want to highlight signatory number 338. His name is Jeff Halper. He is an American-born anthropologist who immigrated to Israel and now spends much of his time on the lecture circuit trashing his adopted country. A few years ago, this crackpot came to speak at UC Irvine. In the daytime, he appeared in the class of Professor Chuck O' Connell. In the evening, he spoke again on campus, again sponsored by O'Connell.

Jeff Halper

Now why do I call this guy a crackpot? (I am not talking behind his back. I told him to his face). In the evening session, Halper told his spellbound audience about a secret weapon the Israelis had developed called spectral dust.

Stay with me. This gets better.

According to Halper,when the Israelis want to "take somebody out", they can program the dust particles with the target's DNA and spread it into the atmosphere. The dust will locate the target, strike him causing death.

This is one example of the folks who have signed onto this letter.

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