Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Police " Shooting Incident" (Colorado)

Hat tip Jihad Watch

The Council on American Islamic Relations has been jumping into the police-shooting fray, so here is one they might like to take a look at. Or maybe not.

In a way, it's a familiar story. Hudson Clark, a 32-year-old convert to Islam, whose parents had discovered troubling writings on his computer, shoplifted a gun from a police supply store in Cañon, Colorado. When the clerk confronted him, Clark waved a knife at him and walked out. Confronted on the street by a cop, Clark stabbed the officer with a knife at which point he was shot 5 times. (That's one less than Michael Brown.) Lying next to Clark on the street where he had dropped it was a Koran.

As yet, we don't know how this will play out. Since a store was involved, maybe they will call it workplace violence. No, that won't work because Clark didn't work there. No doubt, Clark will be dismissed as mentally deranged.

It sure looks like a clean shooting to me, but let's see what the activists have to say. Don't expect Al Sharpton or Eric Holder to visit this cop in the hospital or even make a phone call to cheer him up.

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