Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Hell Hole Country (Pakistan) Angry at Hollywood

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Islamabad- "A quiet, picturesque city with beautiful mountains and lush greenery"

It seems that North Korea is not the only country upset with Hollywood's treatment of their land. Now it's Pakistan who is upset at the TV show, "Homeland" for portraying it as an ugly, ignorant, terror-plagued hellhole.

In 1976 I was in Pakistan (Karachi airport) for two hours while traveling from Bangkok to the US East Coast. Rather than walk around the transit lounge, I chose to stay on board the plane. To this day it is the wisest decision I ever made in my life-and I have never been back.


Findalis said...

Pakistan is a nation that can afford a nuclear program. They can afford to clean up their mess of a nation.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yeah, and the U.S. government is outraged by movies that portray the country as a land of corrupt cops and random drug trafficing...