Friday, August 29, 2014

Journalist Trying to Get Michael Brown's Records Released

Ferguson police shooting takes a new turn

Charles C. Johnson, an independent journalist, a former contributor to PJ Media  and editor of Got News,  has filed a suit in St Louis to have Michael Brown's juvenile records released based on the fact that he is deceased. There will be a court hearing on the matter next week in St Louis. Johnson is trying to confirm whether Brown was implicated in a murder case as a juvenile. Thus far, authorities have refused to released Brown's records, however Johnson maintains that under Missouri law, there is no legal basis for withholding the records of a deceased person.

Johnson was interviewed today on the Larry Elder radio show.

Here is another interesting consideration though purely speculative at this point. If Brown was, in fact, involved in a homicide case, and it was local, would it not be likely that Officer Darren Wilson was aware of that fact when he confronted Brown given the fact that Ferguson is a small community?

Stay tuned.

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elwood p suggins said...

Wanna know where racial tensions and cultural divides come from??

According to DOJ, since Obama took office at least 794 law enforcement officers have lost their lives in the line of duty. As far as I can recall/determine, Obama furnished no special individual recognition of the sacrifice of any these officers and their families. However I am, as always, ready to stand corrected on that.

And even if he did, it would no doubt pale in comparison to the significance of his dispatching of three (3) high-ranking WH officials, to actually include a Cabinet Secretary (that would be Broderick Johnson, chair of Obama's My Brother's Keeper Task Force, whose efforts are aimed at boys and young men of color) to the funeral/memorial service for Michael Brown, an apparent strong-arm robber, gang member/wannabe, and dope fiend, and now a possible killer to boot??

I was recently sent a pic of what purports to be Brown and what appears to be his "stop-n-rob" fall partner. In it, Brown is holding a semi-auto handgun in his hand and has a very large wad of U.S. paper currency between his teeth. And no, I cannot verify its accuracy or provenance and yes, it might possibly be photoshopped. However, it is EXACTLY in character for a dope dealer, particularly a young and less experienced one, to do this sort of thing, and I have come to the conclusion that the photo is most likely authentic.

In addition, Obama/Holder/Jackson/Sharpton/the NAACP/the NBPP/Gov. Nixon, the CBC, the MSM, et al, have essentially convicted the Ferguson officer of murder well before all the facts are even in. We can easily predict further riots/violence in Ferguson, and possibly/probably nationwide, either if the officer is not at least indicted or, in the alternative, if he is indicted but not convicted, a la the Rodney King mess a few years back.

Conversely, and as a mirror image, hypothesize that the police officer involved was black and the shooting victim was an 18-year old white "kid". In that event, the exact same above-mentioned actors would advise us in no uncertain terms that we should not "rush to judgment", and would issue not-so-thinly veiled threats as are now being issued in Ferguson that disturbances would almost certainly occur if the officer WAS either indicted or convicted.