Friday, May 30, 2014

Campus Reform Report on the Fiji Party at UC Irvine

A couple of days ago, I posted a story on the "shocking" Fiji-themed party held by a UC Irvine fraternity that drew protests over "cultural appropriation".

Today, Campus Reform is running a story on the big hullabaloo with even more "shocking" details.

"UCI spokesperson Cathy Lawhon told Campus Reform that the charity event has prompted the school to have a “series of ongoing discussions and fraternity leaders” about cultural sensitivity."

“The administration and student affairs is using it as an opportunity to show to fraternities what cultural appropriation is and how they might be more sensitive, to be able to have their week of philanthropy that ends in a social event without offending others,” Cathy Lawhon, a spokesperson for UCI, said in an interview with Campus Reform on Wednesday.

That sounds like something Cathy would say. Too bad she didn't explain to the reporter what cultural appropriation is. I would like to know myself.

Apparently, it has, like, something to do with, like, when racist people steal the culture of others, like, in this case Asian Pacific Islanders.

"On May 20, Fijian student (deleted) released a statement claiming that these traditions “hurt marginalized … communities” and “fortify white male hegemonic structures.”

So the shirtless guy in the picture above is fortifying white male hegemonic structures, eh? What goofy professor did you get that phrase from?

The whole thing is ridiculous.

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