Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Brandeis Surrender to CAIR: Megyn Kelly Takes Ibrahim Hooper to School

Last night, Fox's Megyn Kelly took on the Ayaan Hirsi Ali-CAIR controversy-and CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper head on.  Megyn is a lawyer by training and no doubt a good one. In the first segment, she interviewed Hooper, who constantly tried to interrupt her and talk over her like the bully that he is. Megyn didn't lose her cool, but firmly admonished him each time  like an errant schoolboy not to interrupt as she pressed forward with her questions and points. In short, she made Hooper look like a jerk-with able assistance from Hooper himself. Part 2 of that interview will air tonight.

Megyn then brought on Ali, who provided a refreshing contrast to Hooper with her calm, dignified, and eloquent way.

If CAIR thinks they won a victory by pressuring Brandeis University to cancel Ali's honorary degree, it is a pyhrrric one, indeed.  Last night, Hooper delivered yet another black eye to his subversive organization with his rude manner, which Megyn Kelly swatted away like an annoying housefly. Ayaan Hirsi Ali again demonstrated  that if we in the West really care about violence against women, we must not be afraid to face this issue within Islam squarely and insist that these practices have no place in our society-or any civilized society.

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Squid said...

Let us be perfectly clear, in a word, Hooper is a Shmuck.