Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theory From Hizbollah-Jews Invented Superman

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers and MEMRI TV.

The below video  comes to us courtesy of Schlomo Ben Hungstien (which I assume is a nom de plume),  a reader who sent it in to Pro-Israel  Bay Bloggers. It is a video produced by the brain surgeons of Hizbollah in Lebanon and subsequently translated by MEMRI TV. According to this piece of "scholarship", which includes commentary by some guy described as a  professor named Farrouhk Majidi, it was the Jews who created Hollywood and invented Superman. And to what purpose? To take over the world, naturally.

Here is more from the Times of Israel

First of all, if Jews have made themselves prominent in Hollywood during the past several decades, that is nothing for them to be ashamed about. It should be a point of pride that through hard work and creativity, they have made a mark during a time that certain fields were closed  to them due to discrimination. Even in my lifetime, I saw country clubs in Los Angeles that excluded  Jews, so that they had to have their own places to  play golf like Hillcrest Country Club. And if it was a Jew who actually created Superman, so what? There is a vast difference between a Jew creating something and something being created by "the Jews".

This is nothing more than the latest example of Jew-hatred following in the footsteps of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Der Stuermer. It is part and parcel of the effort to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.


Jacob Kurtzberg said...

Most of the superheroes who are currently dominating popular culture were created by, or co-created by, Jewish people.

This is to the credit of these Jewish-Americans, I would say, considering that they have made such a strong contribution to such a uniquely American art form.

Gary Fouse said...

I agree. Their contributions to Hollywood over the decades are nothing to apologize for.