Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bay Area Radio Station Caves Under Anti-Israeli Pressure.

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Hatem Bazian

Here is an example of moral cowardice in the face of anti-Israel pressure. A Bay Area public  radio station pulled Sodastream (an Israeli company) as one of its prizes after local bully boys complained.

I note that UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian was involved. Does this guy ever teach class?


Squid said...

The Bay Area, the mecca for technology, decides to boycott Israeli products. What the 'uninformed" do not know or maybe they are just hypocrites, that their Smartphones are based on Israeli technological advances. So, why doesn't the Bay Area folks throw away their Smartphones as a measure of BDS. Because BDS is really BS.


Squid said...

Scarlett J, a Jewish actress will not bend to the anti-Semitic screed of the BDS hypocrits. In this post, Scarlett will present the SodaStream product in a Superbowl ad. She makes an excellent point why she will. Perhaps the BDS folks did not do their homework as to how Israeli businesses hire Palestinians to work in their firms. Try finding work in the Palestinian areas adjacent to Israel.
Here is the link:


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Cowardly. Everything done in public will be objectionable to someone. Giving away a pack of SodaStream will not frighten the horses. Hecler's Veto, writ large.