Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Anti-Jewish and Anti-American Hate at San Francisco State University

Hat tip Elder of Ziyon, Algemeiner, and anonymous for passing this on

The blog Elder of Ziyon has a post on the on-going mess at San Francisco State (a mess in itself that has been on-going since the 60s) regarding posters that were an incitement to kill Israelis. It gives you a real insight into the warped thinking of the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli and yes, anti-American thinking going on within the Palestinian supporters at SFSU.

Algemeiner has more. The California Legislature has commended SFSU President Les Wong for taking a stand against anti-Semitic hate speech and incitement to murder on campus.

Before I join in that commendation, I want to see what measures are taken against the offending parties.

I have one message for the owner of the above-pictured finger and your pals: If you don't like this country and its military, take your anti-Semitic hate and go back where you and/or your families came from. We don't need you here; we don't want you here, and the sooner you are back in your hellholes in Gaza or the West Bank, the better off we will all be here in America.


Miggie said...

" ...the sooner you are back in your hellholes in Gaza or the West Bank, the better off we will all be here in America."

I couldn't agree more!

Who invited the ROP here in the first place? We didn't ask them to come here. They chose to come here and if they didn't like it here they should GO BACK.

Oriana Fallaci wrote in her book about the Muslims desecrating the Italian public places and monuments. And if the police tried to stop them, they would hiss, "We know our rights!"

I looked at her "small" book again and see that Amazon describes it, in part, as "With her well-known courage Oriana Fallaci faces the themes unchained by the Islamic terrorism: the contrast and, in her opinion, incompatibility between the Islamic world and the Western world; the global reality of the Jihad and the lack of response, the lenience of the West. With her brutal sincerity she hurls pitiless accusations, vehement invectives, and denounces the uncomfortable truths that all of us know but never dare to express. With her rigorous logic, lucidity of mind, she defends our culture and blames what she calls our blindness, our deafness, our masochism, the conformism and the arrogance of the Politically Correct"

I recommend the book. We have too too few like her.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Why Gary, that photo resembles one of your favorite icons... you know, the one with the grinning skull?

Gary Fouse said...


My guy gives the finger to the right people.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Not at all. YOU are one of "the right people," are you not?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this

There is more about GUPS members in the comments.