Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jewish Voice for Peace Again Teaming up with Israel's Enemies in Irvine

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

The circus is coming to Irvine

On December 7, in Irvine, there will be yet another anti-Israel hate fest. This is taking place at the Chinese Cultural Association in Irvine, which is located directly across the street from the Islamic Center of Irvine mosque. Participating is the Jewish Voice for Peace, an anti-Israel bunch of Jewish misfits, who are joining hands with the Muslim Student Association, CAIR, and MPAC. Of course, this circus would not be complete without UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, UC Irvine professor Sohail Daulatzai, and UCLA professor Gabriel Piterberg.

I don't know how the Chinese Cultural Association got hoodwinked into hosting this event other than the fact that they are located directly across the street from the Irvine mosque.

I urge my readers to write or call to the CCA and express your concerns. (Please be polite.)

9 Truman
Irvine, Ca 92620

(949) 559-6868


Squid said...

I also find it interesting that the event is scheduled on 7th and reminded about December 7, 1941, the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor. Is this a coincidence as well?


Gary Fouse said...


I don't know, but this crew has very little reverence for days or dates that have any meaning for others.