Tuesday, July 30, 2013

San Diego Mayor Wants City to Pay for His Sexual Harassment Suit(s)

"Daddy, what are cojones?"

You gotta hand it to this guy Bob "Feelin" Filner. He's got, as they say down around the border  area, a real set of cojones. He has now asked the city of San Diego to pay his legal expenses.

"I'm just a friendly guy."

And as if this story wasn't ridiculous enough, guess who has now entered the picture as one woman's attorney.

That's right. None other than G-L-O-R-I-A (Allred).

"Daddy, take us to the San Diego Zoo."

"Which one?"


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gosh, Gary must be in a real quandary now. Which side is he on? Da Mayor's? Or Gloria Allred's? Can Gary say this client doesn't need an attorney? Oh what a mess.

Gary Fouse said...

U R Right. It is a mess.

Miggie said...

The city should not pay for his legal defense. It is his responsibility not only because the allegations occurred outside his job.

If he was a policeman or any state employee accused of the same things the state should defend him because it would be their responsibility. Presumably, the victims could claim and prevail on the issue that the city did not do due diligence in hiring or supervising him.

In this case, he was elected and the city had no choice in the matter as it was the electorate who put him in that office. He is responsible for the consequences of his actions and can't ask the city to defend him.

Findalis said...

The City should pay his legal fees. After all the idiots voted this asshole into office.

BTW, the minute Gloria shows up, I root for the other side.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Findalis supports politicians groping female aides. Anything to get back at Gloria.

IF the argument is that the voters elected him, then I suppose Findalis is right that the city should pay his legal fees.

I think it turns on whether the city had policies in place that, if adhered to, would have prevented the tort being committed, and therefore whether the individual was in violation of city policy. If he was, he's on his own as far as paying legal fees.

Findalis said...

@ Siarlys

I thought it was standard operating procedure for politicians to grope females. Or is that only allowed to Bill Clinton?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What Clinton did goes well beyond groping. But it least there was a veneer of "mutual consent."