Monday, May 27, 2013

British War Memorials Defaced-EDL Protests Continue

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

The Animals in War Memorial

In the wake of the horrific murder of British soldier, Lee Rigby, British war memorials have been defaced as reported by the BBC.

Anger is rising in Britain. The English Defence League (EDL) is marching, and the compliant British media paints them as the extremists. Yet, in the below article, you can see a video with one of the killers standing right behind radical Muslim leader Anjem Choudary in a 2007 protest.

Michael Adebolajo

Michael Adebolajo in 2007

Photo BBC


Findalis said...

All the time the media and government condemn the EDL and praise the Muslims who have done this.

I wonder how fast the British police would have arrived if the call said that the murderers were members of the EDL and not Muslims?

Miggie said...

Uh oh! What if someone says something bad on Twitter?

This just goes to show how much connection the Muslims have to their host country.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Good news mein Feuhrer! Gary Fouse has endorsed the Aryan Defense League.!

Gary Fouse said...

Never heard of them.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Cute oblivious act Gary. English... Aryan... when it comes to racial delineations, there's not much difference.