Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian Plays the Victim Card Again Over Boston

Hat tip The Blaze and Squid

UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, who will be speaking against Israel tomorrow at UC San Diego (no videotaping allowed), is doing his second pony trick by complaining about Islamophobia in the wake of the Boston attack. The Blaze has the report.

This guy has two issues-Israel and Islamophobia. That's why I call him a two-trick pony. He is a boring speaker who needs a laptop and power point in front of him to give a talk.

It gets better. Tomorrow, this character is speaking along with noted crackpot Cynthia McKinney at UC San Diego as part of the Muslim Student Association's anti-Israel week of non-events. (No video taping allowed.) Cynthia McKinney!! That should tell you all you need to know.

And he is the director of the "Islamophobia Reseach and Documentation Center" at Berkeley??!! What the Hell is that? Now if he were to open a center devoted to researching and documenting the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, he might have some work to do instead of running around giving his victim speeches at various universities.


Findalis said...

I can think of no better reason than to have someone wired for video and audio to tape these creeps.

Gary Fouse said...

Wired? I spent last week at UCI refusing to turn off my video camera. Eventually, they gave up.

Miggie said...

Professor Bazian says, "But the Islamophobic machine committed crimes(!) against our collective consciousness by exploiting the suffering and pain of our fellow citizens. Their words became a powerful incendiary to inflame the minds of an already panicked people."

What is he TALKING about??? Where is the evidence of it. I grant that people are (rightfully) more concerned about Muslims around them or in sensitive positions, but what crimes have been committed against them in the US after the Boston Bombing? He suffers the indignity of not being able to point to any evidence to support his case ... but he says it anyway.

If Muslims want to stop being disliked, they should stop their unpleasant penchant for terrorist attacks and vulgar antisemitism. They are in our midst, they constantly demean and criticize America and our culture, yet they want to be accepted - yet separate. They are as foreign as Martians... Yes, I know some know this or that one who appears to be a very nice person but on the whole, their clergy and leaders don't condemn their ways and for the most part, neither do the ordinary Muslims. The UCI MSU, for example was silent about the Boston Bombing but dedicated what seemed like an eternity droning on about how this professor was held up or denied entry into Israel... as if it were a major human rights violation far more important than any bombing or other terrorist attack.

Gary Fouse said...


You were there. As you well know, it was a victocrat convention, yet not one word about the sheer hell and religious persecution going on in the Middle East. And this guy whines because Israel used its sovereign authority to deny him entry.

Miggie said...

Now if I could only find a dictionary that has "victocrat" in it I'd be able to reply.