Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let's Play, "What the Hell Happened Today in Pakistan?" (April 28, 2013)

"Here the choices":

a  Norman Finkelstein spoke to a packed hall at the University of  Rawalpindi

"I don't think that's funny."

b  American al Qaeda fugitive Adam Gadahn and a goat barely escaped a drone attack when a missile slammed into his bedroom

"I don't think that's funny."

c John Kerry promised Pakistan another $250 million dollars in aid

"I don't think that's funny."

d Taliban bombs in NW Pakistan killed 11.

e  Israeli troops massacred 4,000 Pakistanis

"Can I call a friend?"

"Sure. Who do you want to call?"

"Norman Finkelstein."

"This is Professor Finkelstein speaking."

"Hey Norm. What the Hell happened in Pakistan today?"

"First of all, Don't call me Norm. I am not your friend. The answer can only be 'e'".

"Thanks, Nor..., I mean Professor Finkelstein (click).   I'll go with 'e', Bob."

"I'm sorry, but the correct answer is 'd'".

 "Say, what the Hell university does Professor Finkelstein teach at?"

"None, Bob. He's an independent scholar, but he has a PhD from Princeton."


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