Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Springtime in

Attention John Kerry. Since you are still in the region, you better get back to Cairo and pledge another $500 million dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood to fix this latest problem. Now we see Christian anti-government demonstrators taken to a mosque and tortured for several hours.

Here is my question: When will our leaders stand up and demand that Christians and other religious minorities be given their human rights? All we do is give them more money while they systematically persecute anyone who is not Muslim. And here at home and in Europe we have to listen to this constant drumbeat about "Islamophobia".

Isn't it about time that people with half a brain draw the necessary and obvious conclusions?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, why aren't you praising Kerry for his stand in support of the Christian pastor in Iran you've been beating the drums over?

Gary Fouse said...

Yes! Praise be to Kerry for demanding the release of the pastor-immediately.

Unfortunately, he can't back it up with anything because we won't blow those bastards to smithereens-as we should.

Anonymous said...

Baseman Sabry writes he has never been more worried about Egypt since the revolution.