Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Banned at Massachusetts School

You can't make this stuff up.

A Massachusetts school has banned any expression of Valentine's Day because it doesn't want to offend other cultures.

Read what the pusillanimous principal at Salemwood Elementary School in Malden. Mass. had to say by way of explanation.

“We have many different nationalities, cultures and languages spoken,” Principal Carol Keenan told Fox News. “Because of that we don’t honor specific holidays.”


I guess that means no Christmas, no Easter, no 4th of July, no nothing.

And just who would object to Valentine's Day (unless you are complaining about the crass commercialization of it)? The US is not the only country that celebrates it. 

Apparently, that merry country of Pakistan doesn't like it.

Maybe Ms Keenan should lower the American flag at Salemwood and replace it with the Pakistani flag-so as not to offend anyone.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the autonomous and lawless provinces of Pakistan....."

You laugh.


The Jakes said...

That's pretty stupid, but the comments on the article are pretty ridiculous as well. It's one school and we shouldn't act like it's typical of what's going on in the entire country. The media takes isolated incidents and turns mountains into molehills. It's yellow journalism.

Unless the media can prove that this is happening all across the country with a significant percentage of schools, we shouldn't get bent out of shape about this (unless you have kids at that school).

Gary Fouse said...


I can't give you the numbers, but it is not the only school. Let's be honest. Certain Muslims (not all) have objections to Valentine's Day. Thus, some schools are caving in.

Gary Fouse said...


Here is another incident.

Most of the news outlets attribute it to "anti-Cupid" hackers.

The Jakes said...

I don't see how those two incidents are similar. One is an official policy, the other is somebody doing something illegal.

Gary Fouse said...


My point is to show that certain Muslims' objections to Valentine's Day are scaring several weak-hearted types (no pun intended) to cancel valentines Day activities altogether.

If you want me to give you further examples, I could, but you can do the googling just as well as I can.

What will be canceling next?

The Jakes said...

I checked the original article again. Why do you assume that it has anything to do with Muslims? I don't even see a mention of Muslims. Maybe they're worried about offending fundamentalist Christians who see Valentine's Day as a pagan holiday? I've known some like that. Maybe it's people who think it's a greeting-card created holiday. Who knows one way or another?

A did a little Google searching...can't seem to find much. Wouldn't you prefer it that this was not a big deal?

Gary Fouse said...

Jakes, If you are referring to the Massachusttes school, it is an assumption on my part. In the The Ottawa incident, some reports omitted any reference to Muslims.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

School administrators are always doing something like this...

...writing mandatory prayers and requiring all students to recite them...

...seizing Bibles from students backpacks...

...celebrating religious holidays...

...refusing to celebrate any holidays...

...the common denominator is, school administrators are petty tinpot tyrants who are always, in every generation, coming up with some one-size-fits all and trying to make it mandatory.