Saturday, February 2, 2013

Robert Menendez and Crony Capitalism

Hat tip Hot Air

Is there even more to the relationship between Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and his pal Dr. Salomon Melgen than plane rides to the Dominican Republic and alleged sex parties with underage prostitutes? It appears there may be. Now we learn that our friendly neighborhood eye doctor had a business interest in a big port security deal in the DR and Menendez was helping it along in the US Senate.

Of course, this stuff was supposedly only done by fat-cat Republicans and was supposed to end with "Hope and Change" under President Barack Obama-now entering his second term.

Here is another question: Does this also involve a corruption of our diplomatic corps when they are tasked with promoting business deals by American firms when said deals are tainted with corruption, favors  and bribes? Perhaps, the ambassador in Santo Domingo (described as an ally of Menendez) had no idea of the relationship between Melgen and Menendez and was merely trying to boost American business-as embassies do. Be that the case, the State Department should be outraged, right? Either they have their own case of corruption, or they were used unwittingly. Which is it?

"Don't look at me. John Kerry is the guy now."

Looks like another case for the dreaded Accountability Review Board.

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