Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Extremist Problem in Canada

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Creeping Sharia has picked up on a Canadian report on the spread of extremist Islam. It is based on an intelligence study released under the Canadian Access to Information Act to the National Post.

"Wilner’s comments follow the release of a highly censored CSIS threat assessment that confirmed that Sunni Islamist radicalization is taking place in Canadian prisons, within families and through jihadi websites."

It is also an issue in the US. In fact, the Southern California Shura Council has recently made a lot of fanfare in announcing its new director of prison outreach, Abu Ishaq Abdul Hafiz.

I don't know much about this Hafiz, but I do know he was one of a couple of hundred Muslim leaders in the US who received the Freedom Pledge letter from Former Muslims United asking them to sign a simple statement that American Muslim apostates should not be harmed since Islamic law decrees a death penalty for apostates. To date, only two persons have signed the letter, and Hafiz is not one of them.

"Having worked as a volunteer Chaplain for over two decades, the Executive Director of the Shura Council, Shakeel Syed, said, " I have witnessed Imam Abdul Hafiz changing the lives of many people of all faiths" and added that "I am excited to have Imam Abdul Hafiz in the Shura team to build the Prison Program as a model for the nation."

And I have witnessed Mr Syed a number of times since he is often present at various events in the Southern California area that I have attended. I have even spoken to him once or twice.

In the above-linked photo, Syed is the guy with the tape over his mouth as he defended the "Irvine 11", who disrupted the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US at UC Irvine. He is also quoted in a linked article as having said, 

"We call for laws that prohibits defamation of all Prophets and faiths."

But I was talking about Canada, right?

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elwood p suggins said...

In this context, "prison outreach" often means conversion to Islam/radicalization of people in prisons, Canadian, U.S., or otherwise. Have not heard much really specific about it for a while, but at one time in the past, my memory is that among the most violent Americans were black men who became "Black Muslims" while in the joint. Is a comeback attempt possibly under way??