Thursday, January 31, 2013

Did Robert Menendez Do it "for the Children"?

Hat tip Daily Caller

"Thank heaven for little girls"

Maybe it's the Dominican Republic that needs some immigration reform-in other words keep out tourists who are coming to prey on underage girls. For months, Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has been the center of a controversy over whether he was having sex with underage prostitutes in the DR (which he denies). Then, just in the past few days, Menendez came out with 7 other senators in favor of a plan to legalize the status of some 11 million illegal aliens in the US. Almost before you can say "Gigi", the FBI was raiding the office of the man  whose private plane Menendez was using to fly to the DR and whose house there was reportedly the scene of wild sex parties.  Suddenly, this story is threatening to grow to the point that not even the mainstream news media can keep the lid on it. In the first link, an unidentified Dominican prostitute describes Menendez.

In the second link, Menendez acknowledges using his friend and donor's plane and reimburses him over $58,000.

"Menendez’s chief of staff, Dan O’Brien, told NBC that it took the senator three years to pay his private airfare because of an office mistake.
“This was sloppy,” O’Brien conceded about two 2010 flights. “I’m chalking it up to an oversight.”
A real bureaucratic snafu as they like to say in Washington.

Of course the allegations remain to be proven, but something sure stinks here.

"Thank heaven for little girls"

PS: In the interest of non-partisanship and to head off Siarlys' sure-fire comment, I have not forgotten about another senator named David Vitter (R-LA). I just saw him today questioning Chuck Hagel in the confirmation hearings.

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elwood p suggins said...

I wish I could say that this surprises me, but unfortunately it doesn't.

And as much of a mope as Vitter may be/is, I do believe that as far as we know, his escapade(s) involved adult hooker(s) and not little girls, no?? Young girls MUCH younger than 17 are available in the DR as well as elsewhere.