Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spain's Slanted Press

Hat tip to Spain, Israel and the Jews

The website Spain, Israel and the Jews is linked to Fousesquawk because it gives a good insight into the problems of Jews in Spain. It also highlights the bias of the Spanish news media when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This article (below) from last month describes an article in El Pais ( a major Spanish newspaper) about the Dutch government, which shows the paper's bias against Israel. You can also read the El Pais article itself if you read Spanish.

A few years ago, there was a piece floating around the internet purportedly written by a Spanish writer that lamented Spain's historical rejection and driving out of the Jews and replacing them with a new population of arrivals who had no respect for Spanish culture and traditions nor contributed anything to society other than crime, welfare costs, and more intolerance. The actual identity of the writer was called into question, and I don't know if he or she was ever really identified. What difference does it matter? The words were valid.

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Findalis said...

In 1492 the Spanish government expelled all the Jews from Spain. (My family were some of those expelled.) And today we want these same idiots to praise Israel? They never changed. It is only recently that Jews can apply for Spanish citizenship. Why should they? They are not welcomed there or wanted.

Leave Spain to the Muslims. The Christians prefer them and their bombs to Jews and their knowledge.