Monday, December 3, 2012

Morsi Organizes His Support for Power

As Hillary Clinton criticizes Israel over its "lack" of feelings of sympathy and generosity toward the "oppressed" Palestinians, Egypt continues to descend in to the dark ages. President Morsi organizes mass protests to support his power grab while the Muslim Brotherhood sends out goons to beat up protesters and rape women.

Below is a statement in the past days issued by the Muslim Brotherhood's English-language Ikhwan Web (which generally tries to paint a moderate face to the West as opposed to what they tell their own followers in Arabic.

This weekend, the Brotherhood organized a protest mob to prevent the Supreme Court from ruling on Morsi's power grab.

As for the arrogant Ms. Clinton, someone should remind her that there are one million Arabs living in Israel who enjoy human rights as opposed to those who live in the surrounding Arab countries. Someone should remind her that Morsi has called for all of Jerusalem to be the capital of an independent Palestine.

While Syria burns, and other countries in the region are moving toward Islamic rule, Egypt is leading the way by becoming the next Iran. The Obama administration, which led the cheers, has no earthly idea what to do-except increase the financial aid to Egypt trying desperately to bribe them to keep the peace with Israel.

And Ms Clinton has the brass to single Israel out for criticism.


Findalis said...

When are we going to be able to say:

"We told you so!

Gary Fouse said...

Whenever you want, but wait a little bit longer and it will be sweeter.