Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Latest Cease Fire

So let me see if  I got this right. Once again, we have a cease fire between Israel and Hamas brokered principally by Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government. Hillary Clinton jumped on a plane and flew half way around the world so she could take center stage meeting with the principals so that the cease fire could take effect even though it had been worked out 24 hours earlier (according to Jennifer Griffin of Fox News).

And the deal is......

Israel stops firing on Hamas in Gaza
Israel agrees to loosen up border check points restrictions on Gaza
Hamas agrees to stop firing rockets into Israel
President Obama assures Israel he has her back
US gives another billion or so dollars to Egypt

Correction: Sorry. There was no mention of that latter condition. I don't know where I got that idea.

Whatever happened to the lasting deal our government had been talking about? This in no way changes Hamas' determination to wipe Israel off the map. Iran is still the force behind Hamas and Hezbollah. It is just a cease fire until the next go-around.

And how many rockets have been launched into Israel since the cease fire took effect? A dozen? Twenty?

But what does it matter? Nobel Peace prizes are awaiting Hillary Clinton, Mohammed Morsi and perhaps even Obama (his 2nd).

Two Nobel peace prizes. That would be a record, wouldn't it?


Findalis said...

Actually Gary the following people won 2 Noble Awards:

Marie Curie
Linus Pauling
John Bardeen
Frederick Sanger


International Committee of the Red Cross (3 Nobel Peace Prizes: 1917, 1944, 1963)
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (2 Nobel Peace Prizes: 1954, 1981)

So Obama wouldn't be unique.

I give this "ceasefire" no more than a month before the rockets start firing again from Gaza. How about you? Want to make an "office pool" on it?

Miggie said...

I sent you that YouTube video of that leftist describing the conflict in Gaza. Completely inaccurate and biased!

Nevertheless, Europe, which is probably 90% leftist, completely agrees with that assessment; there is the U.S. where over half of the population just voted on the left side and only 40% of the winning Democratic Party don't believe Israel actions in Gaza are justified(!).

That leaves Africa, that doesn't really matter and Asia. Asia seems to me to be primarily unconcerned unless it affects them or if they can make a profit from it or increase their sphere of influence. They don't care about right and wrong, only that it is the "others" that are fighting.

All in the Middle East are aligned against Israel and as little military capability they have, they still have the most votes in the U.N. and every other international organization.

That is the sad state of affairs now as I see it. Netanyahu may have seen it the same way and opted for a decent agreement instead of war. We'll see.

You can predict that the Arabs will cheat on the deal and then he will be able to retaliate appropriately.
That may be Israel's backup plan because I'm told they were all anxious to get it over with. ALL reservists and then some reported for duty so they wanted to defeat this particular enemy once and for all.

Gary Fouse said...


It's called kicking the can down the road. These days you get Nobel prizes for it.

Gary Fouse said...


What a sad state of affairs when your "friends" consist of Hillary and Obama.

Miggie said...

Agreed. It is a very sad state of affairs. I think they will both abandon Israel once they realize they no longer need their campaign donations or strategists.

The majority of Jews have replaced their religion with liberalism so the majority of them will continue to vote Democratic.

It is a sad state of affairs for all involved, Israel, the Jews, and even America because it forgot its basic morality.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yeah, its too bad so many Jews became liberals. I like them better as socialists, even the ones who were communists.