Monday, November 19, 2012

Pro-Israel Rally in West LA

Hat tip the Blaze and LA Jewish Journal

Photo- OC Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

Yesterday, about 1,400 people turned up at the Federal Building in West LA to show their support for Israel. Naturally, a couple of hundred keffiya-clad pro-terrorist forces showed up as well. The below video is by Jay Firestone and was shown in the LA Jewish Journal. In the below video, I heard one Palestinian supporter yelling, "Hezbollah!". That is the terrorist organization that blew up the Marine barracks in Lebanon and killed over 200 Americans back in the 1980s.

The Blaze has three videos that show the clashes between the two sides on Wilshire Blvd.

Well, as you can see a wonderful time was had by all. In one of The Blaze videos a man is heard calling a woman a "sharmota" ("whore"-I believe the Arabic and Hebrew words are similar). In addition, a Jewish friend of mine who was there heard a Middle Eastern guy calling a Jewish woman a "Jewish pig" along with several other expletives. In addition, there were the usual posters with Stars of David together with Swastikas.

This is somewhat similar to the scene in LA during the last Gaza go-around in 2009 when yours truly was out there holding an Israeli sign. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the Palestinians, and I am sick and tired of their supporters here in the US.


ANONYMOUS 007 said...

Am I the only one a little bothered by the festive atmosphere at the Pro-Israel event?

The Israel supporters were singing and dancing as Israel is killing dozens in Gaza every day. I believe the rally even had a DJ who brought a sound system for music.

Gary Fouse said...


Not as festive as Palestinians get when terror atrocities like 9-11, Fogel family massacre and bus bombings are carried out? You know, dancing in the streets and passing out candy.

Where was your concern the last several months as Hamas was raining rockets into s Israel towns and schoolyards?

Your hypocrisy is stunning.

ANONYMOUS 007 said...

Can't condone the attacks by Hamas on Israel.

But I believe you get what you deserve; you reap what you sow.

Israel created Hamas:

Gary Fouse said...


And we fought with the USSR in WW2 against Germany.

I suggest you read the Hamas Charter. When it quotes the hadith of hate about the last Jew hiding behind the tree.... Hamas' ideology about Jews dates back to centuries before 1948.

ANONYMOUS 007 said...

I suggest you read the two Jewish "Holy" books - the Torah and the Talmud.

A lot of very mean and nasty stuff about non-Jews (goyim) like you and me.

Can Jews live side by side in peace with non-Jews?

I hope so, but history says NO.

Jews have never been able to leave peacefully with non-Jews.

Gary Fouse said...



Who gave you that information, some old German nazi?

You might ask yourselves who gets persecuted over the centuries. Who was driven out of Spain? Who had to live in shtetls in Eastern Europe? Who suffered pogroms?

Whatever is in the Talmud or Torah, it is not being acted out today by harming others-unlike another holy book I could name (not the New Testament).

But what's the use arguing with an anti-Semite like you?

BTW: Is your hatred of Jews based on religion or you just don't like Jews?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I favor the Israel demonstrations by a very slim margin, much less than the margin of Allen West's defeat for re-election, and that was quite slim, over the pro-Hamas demos.

It certainly looked to me like they were having a good time with little to no serious initimidation.

Hadn't thought about the "festive atmosphere." That's a good point. I mean, if you were seriously worried about death and destruction for people you love, you'd adopt a more sombre tone.

Contrary to one sign I saw, the U.S. does not fund Hamas. But most Israeli security officers dread how much harder their job would be, if the Palestine Authority police force couldn't meet its payroll.

As for a few dirty old men making insulting remarks, someone ought to ask them "Is that your best shot? That's all you have to say for your cause? Pitiful..."

Ted said...

Looks like this garden variety Jew hating moron just went to the movies this weekend. The new James bond movie just came out.

Gary Fouse said...

My friend told the guy, "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Ted and Gary should clue us in to their private side conversation. Its rude to go off topic like that in public.