Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hamas Leader Thanks Egypt and Iran

Hat tip Weasel Zippers and Times of Israel

Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh is thanking Egypt and Iran for making Israel "scream with pain" in the wake of the cease fire.

“The resistance changed the rules of the game, and the idea of invading Gaza is gone forever,” Hamas’s leader said. ”The resistance can stand even stronger. Our enemy doesn’t know our character. Today a new stage has started in the victory of this people and nation,” he said.

What? No words of gratitude for Hillary Clinton after her exhausting flight from Cambodia to the Middle East so she could bask in the glory of making Israel "scream with pain"? No words of thanks for Obama for making that call to Netanyahu assuring him he "has Israel's back"? No words of thanks to the UN for ignoring those Hamas rockets into Israel for months, but Johnny on the spot when Israel bombs back?


Squid said...

The new great negotiator, Morsi, has been put in place by Obama. Morsi, no doubt, was pressured by Obama to create a peace deal or suffer a decline in the U.S. billions sent to his country. On the other hand, Obama most likely told Bibi, that he wold have to resoect the peace offer made by the pseud peacemaker, or see the decline of spare aircraft parts and "Iron -Dome" missile replacement. It is clear that the master puppeteer, Obama allowed the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, to get a "Hudna" in place to re-group and rearm with Iranian missiles for the next attack.
As far as the peace goes, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badi launched a verbal tirade on Israel, calling for holy jihad and denouncing peacemaking efforts. This is the real stance of Islamists in the region.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

After a cessation of hostilities, everyone in politics boasts that it was a victory. That's the way the game is played. No doubt Netanyahu is telling people he really taught Hamas a lesson.