Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Austria and Anti-Semitism

Pro Hamas demonstration Vienna.
-Jerusalem Post

"We are all Gaza"
"Worker help for Palestine"

"The anti-Israel activists yelled “Freedom for Palestine” and “Down with Israel,” and a group of Austrian Muslims blasted repeatedly in Arabic “Death to the Jews.” Laster said the Austrian authorities, including the domestic intelligence agency (Verfassungschutz), must increase their efforts to combat “Islamic extremism.” He criticized the lax approach of Austrian police officials who waved off the anti-Jewish rhetoric as merely a protest against Israel."

Austria is a country that aside from its beautiful scenery doesn't have much to be proud of . This is the country that gave us Adolf Hitler (and Arnold Schwarzenegger). This is the country that welcomed the Anschluss with Germany with open arms. In the days following their annexation with the Third Reich, they forced Jews to scrape the sidewalks with tooth brushes.In the first (and major )war crimes trial at Nuremberg, one of the defendants, Ernst Kaltenbrunner (hanged) was an Austrian, while another, Athur Seyss-Inquart (hanged), grew up in Austria.

Yet, following World War 11, this same nation managed to pass itself off as another victim of the Nazis-an occupied country-if you will. This is the country that elected Kurt Waldheim as its president even knowing his past. Among the nations that currently bow and scrape to the Arab world and curse Israel, Austria is at or neat the top. This, of course, has repercussions for the few Jews who live their now. Finally, this is the country that prosecuted and convicted a woman named Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for saying critical things about Islam.

Now comes this:

Austria should be embarrassed.


Findalis said...

Anti-Semitism is rising to levels that haven't been seen since WW II. Just look at:

Neo-Nazi Hungarian Lawmaker Calls for 'Jewish List'

The Neatherlands

Dutch Satire Casts Israel as Blood-Thirsty Villain


Polish Court Bans Kosher Slaughter


Volunteers Clean Swastikas, Hate Symbols in Bulgarian Capital

United States

Gaza Conflict has 'Reignited Anti-Israel Passions on Campus'

I could go on and on and on. The hate never died, just simmered under the surface and has been released by liberals world over.

Gary Fouse said...


Sometimes, it just makes me want to cry. The Europeans are so cowed by their Muslim immigrants and their Jew hatred. Have they no sense of decency or pride?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

And then there is the National Socialist Underground, which has murdered 8 Turks, one Greek and a policewoman, all in Germany...

When the real fascists are killing the same immigrants that self-proclaimed anti-fascists are villifying, and immigrants from the land where Golden Dawn is attacking immigrants, to muted sympathy from our defenders of Jews (which Golden Dawn will no doubt turn upon in due time)...

...well, its hard to know what banner to rally behind, isn't it? Sensible people will be cautious about both hero worship and demonizing.