Saturday, July 28, 2012

"There is No Compulsion in Religion"

Sri Lankan Buddhist faces death in Saudi Arabia

That is what it says in the Quran (2:256). It was written before the Prophet Mohammed began to spread Islam militarily. Today, in Saudi Arabia, though they do not force foreign non-Muslims to convert, they do prohibit the worship of other religions-at least in a public manner that may be observed by Saudis-as one unfortunate Sri Lankan worker has learned.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Death is over the top, but sovereignty is sovereignty, and the law in Saudi Arabia is the law in Saudi Arabia. We don't let the IOC dismantle our First Amendment, we didn't let oil company PR execs suppress "Death of a Princess," and public worship of Buddhist icons is illegal in Saudi Arabia. They really should settle for deporting the poor guy. A century ago, Christians would have come pretty close to the same thing, but not execution.

Gary Fouse said...


Yep, but this is the same country that is pouring mucho money into the US to build mosques staffed with Wahhabi-preaching imams and money to universities to create Middle East Studies departments staffed with radical professors who bring their Anti-Israel/anti-Western political point of view to class. But I guess that's no problem for you either. So go back to sleep. All is well.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What do you want?

Successful prosecution of actual crimes?

Or good fodder to titillate your fan club?

What they do in their country is a matter of their sovereignty.

What they do in our country is a matter of our sovereignty.

You don't see any difference?