Saturday, July 28, 2012

The "Blind Son" Threatens US Embassy in Cairo

Hat tip PJ Media

Omar Abdel Rahman
Homeward bound?                                                  "Little Ralphie" Rahman

PJ Media's Andrew McCarthy reports that the son of Blind Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, is threatening to blow up the American Embassy in Cairo if the US doesn't release dear old Dad, who is currently serving a life in the US for plotting to blow up New York.

This sets up an interesting diplomatic situation when Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi visits Washington in September and demands that President Obama release Rahman. As one of the above article's readers comments, how could Obama agree to such a thing two months before the election?


Remember what Obama told Russian president Medvedev about all the flexibility he would have after the November election?

It could happen. And if it happens under this latest threat from Little Ralphie Rahman, how weak would that make us look?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Don't be paranoid Gary. It's unbecoming. President Obama is about as likely to release the blind Sheikh as President Bush was to release Ted Kaczinski.

P.S. Wasn't the 9/11 scenario supposed to be pressure to release the blind Sheikh. I seem to remember there was a video of the late Osama b-L talking to the Sheikh's son about that.