Monday, July 16, 2012

Free Speech Conference in Brussels

Hat tip Brussels Journal, Europe News DK, MRC-TV, Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

In the below-linked article from Gates of Vienna, the writer, Baron Bodissey, describes his participation in a conference for civil liberties a week back in Brussels. The conference, which involved a visit to the European Parliament, had to do with freedom of speech in Europe. It gives a great insight into the state of free speech in Europe, the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights of 1990 by the Organization of the Islamic Conference-now the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, as well as another recent conference in Istanbul-attended by none other than Hillary Clinton, in which the OIC is seeking a UN mandate for criminalize any criticism of religion-specifically Islam. I urge the reader to pay close attention to what the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights says. It all has to be in conformance with Sharia.

In addition, the video below from MRC-TV and Vlad Tepes features American writer Nidra Poller, who lives in Paris, speaking in Brussels on the topic of Islamic anti-Semitism and censorship.

I should add that the woman sitting on Ms Poller's right in the above video is Elisabeth Sabaditish-Wolff of Austria, who was recently prosecuted, convicted and fined in an Austrian court for her criticism of Islam.

Now read the text of a speech by Ingrid Carlqvist of Sweden as she describes what has happened to her country. (Hat tip Europe News DK)

Also keep in mind that the OIC is a 56-member-nation bloc-the largest voting bloc-within the UN. The international legislation they are seeking is already largely in effect in many European countries.

Add that to the self-imposed censorship of the American media, and what you have is what Ms Poller spoke of, a wealth of information known by those who take the trouble to do the research, but not known to the public at large because our leaders and the media will not educate the public truthfully for fear of being labled Islamophobic. As a result, we now tolerate another phobia-anti-Semitism- silently in the name of our own twisted sense of tolerance.

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