Thursday, June 7, 2012

Did Mohammed Morsi Really Tell Christians to Convert, Pay Jizya or Leave Egypt?

Mohammed Morsi is the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for president of Egypt and is expected to emerge victorious. According to some sources, he is being quoted as saying that Egypt's Coptic Christian community, already living under persecution, will have to eventually convert to Islam, pay a special tax (jizya) or leave Egypt.

If true, this is hardly just a brainstorm of one man who will probably be the next president of Egypt. This concept is rooted in Islamic doctrine. It should come as no surprise. The Muslim Brotherhood's goal is conquest, no matter how moderate they try to convince the outside world they may be.

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Anonymous said...

Morsi: I'm going after the presidency Fawzi Copts in Islam or tribute Sunday, May 27, 2012 11:54:45 AM
Mohamed Morsi Alastbn candidate for the Brotherhood, Egypt Amusliman it would open for the second time and enter all the Christians in Islam or to pay tribute.