Saturday, May 12, 2012

CSU Spending Scandal

Hat tip to John and Ken Show

California State University chancellor Charles Reed has another problem on his hands besides the complaints of the AMCHA Initiative over his refusal to address the issues of his professors using CSU websites to push their anti-Israel propaganda to the students. Now LA radio station KFI (730 am) and CBS are exposing the lavish spending practices of the CSU administration in the face of budget problems and higher student tuition fees.

Watch the defiant arrogance of Chancellor Reed when confronted with CBS reporters.  The AMCHA Initiative folks will tell you that Reed  doesn't even bother to answer his mail. That's how arrogant he is.

There it is, folks. $766,000+ for conferences, food and drink for hungry and thirsty university officials.

And did those university officials eat and drink!

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