Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chris Hayes Apologizes

Chris Hayes of MSNBC
Youthful indiscretion?

Add Chris Hayes to the MSNBC roll of honor of talk show hosts who have been suspended, fired, reprimanded, or, in Chris' case, just forced to apologize for outrageous comments on air.

That's OK, Chris. We understand. Just another youthful indiscretion. I can't wait till you say something else stupid (probably on your next show).


Anonymous said...

Everybody says dumb things from time to time. Few apologize after they have time to reflect. If he's sincere, then good for him. I like that he was willing to admit that he could be wrong - you don't get a lot of that from most bloviating pundits on either the right or left.

--Anonymous 703

Siarlys Jenkins said...

So now he's a coward too. If something is worth saying at all, its worth standing up in the face of public condemnation.

Maybe he apologized because he had second thoughts. But if it was because of loud outcry from the usual sources, it means nothing at all.