Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hanna Rosenthal Visits Malmo

Ilmar Reepalu                                                    Hanna Rosenthal ("Play it again, Sam")

                                                      The Perfect Couple

Hat tip to Sweden, Israel and the Jews and the Gatestone Institute

Hannah Rosenthal, who is President Obama's appointee the the State Department on anti-Semitic issues is visiting Malmo, Sweden to discuss the topic with the anti-Semitic mayor, Ilmar Reepalu. Not that this will amount to anything because it is more likely that the two will talk more about Islamophobia than anti-Semitism.

Here is the article by Soeren Kern.

Malmo, of course, is Europe's most anti-Semitic city. The Jewish community is quickly disappearing due to the harassment meted out to Jews on the street-not by Swedes, rather by the city's disaffected Arab community, which now makes up some 25% of the population and has made the Rosengard area a "no-go zone". This is the city that hosted a Davis Cup tennis match between Sweden and Israel a couple of years back. Due to threats from the local Arab population, the match had to be played indoors. And all the while, mayor Ilmar Reepalu turns his back and blames the Jews because they don't speak out against Israel-a nation Reepalu despises. Thus, the third largest city in Sweden has become a cesspool of crime, violent protests, and anti-Semitic hate.

When it comes to fighting anti-Semitism, Rosenthal, who came over from the George Soros-funded J Street, is a living, breathing Potemkin Village. She has little regard for Israel and has actually spent much of her time attending anti-Islamophobia conferences. She and Reepalu should get along just fine.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Sour grapes Gary. If either Bush, or Reagan, had sent THEIR state department point person on anti-Semitism to Malmo, you would have applauded loudly and urged them on.

Now from another conservative perspective, one might question why the mayor of a city in a sovereign nation would be accepting a visit from the state department of another country on a local matter.

Or maybe the Swedish government WANTS something done and made the mayor an offer he couldn't refuse.

Findalis said...

@ Siarlys

Considering that Hanna Rosenthal is a self-hating Jew (aka JINO, KAPO), Gary is correct in this.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Findalis, you are very free with the epithets. Now, prove that you are not a bitter old woman, but a mature concerned Jewish citizen, and provide us with:

a) a definition of self-hating Jew,

b) an empirical list of acts and public statements by Rosenthal which conform to the definition,

c) an analysis of how (a) and (b) justify Gary's presentation, AND, how they refute my comment.

Jeremiah Wright generally offers more coherent argument and factual foundation than what you have offered SO FAR. But that's a low bar, and I have faith in you. I know you can do better.