Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ann Romney and the "War on Women"

Ed the Oaf Schultz- "Look Ma! No brains."

MSNBC in general and Ed "Butter and Egg Man" Schultz in particular have been pushing this so-called "war on women" that Republicans are supposedly engaged in. You would have thought they would put it away when Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen made that nasty comment about Ann Romney never having worked a day in her life. But no. Ed the oaf now keeps right on firing away as he brings in N.O.W. president  Terry O'Neill to make it worse. (Hat tip Hot Air and  Newsbusters)

Did you see the "War on Women" logo in the lower left hand corner?

"Yeh, I did."

So not only does Ed bring on the head of N.O.W. to repeat Rosen's original talking point, but then he brings on Maxine Waters, the nastiest, most corrupt race-baiter in Congress to talk about Mitt Rot-ney. Cute. (I think Ed the oaf is much more clever, don't you?)

Of course, this brings on the same point that liberals find women staying at home to raise the children demeaning, but what about Ann Romney's life experience? Not only has she raised 5 kids, but has done so while battling cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.

I suspect the real reason they are going after Mrs. Romney is because they realize that she is a formidable resource for her husband on the campaign trail. She is impressive in front of a microphone and is going to win over a lot of voters. She doesn't just stand there in the background casting adoring looks at Mitt; she is every bit as good a speaker as he is. They also realize that she isn't going to make controversial statements that Michelle Obama made during the 2008 campaign.

"The Republicans will attack any time now."

So I say let Schultz continue his mantra about a "war on women" as he engages in attacks against Ann Romney. If the guy had half a brain, he would have learned his lesson after this great defender of women called Laura Ingraham a  "right-wing slut" on the radio. But then, Schultz is not a very smart guy.


Anonymous said...

The "war on women" is, indeed, a fabricated talking point on the part of the liberals - just like the "war on Christmas" and Obama's supposed "war on religion" are fabricated talking points on the part of conservatives.

Gary Fouse said...


You are talking to one who lived through the war on drugs as a DEA agent. That was an overstatement as well.