Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update on the Farrakhan Speech at UC Berkeley

Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam

".......a sense of self-determination among conference attendees".

The UC Berkeley paper, Daily Californian, has published an article on the upcoming speaking appearance at Berkeley by Louis Farrakhan.

The Afrikan Black Coalition Conference. Has a nice friendly ring to it, doesn't it? Why the "k" in Afrikan? That goes back to the 1960s, when college protesters spelled the name of our country Amerika to imply a Nazi connection. Or possibly it has some connection to the old South African Afrikaans spelling. Who knows?

I also note that the Black Student Union is restricting who comes by a registration policy. Message: If you are not one of us, you are not welcome.

Oh, I am sure that others can register and attend if they want to hear themselves castigated by the hate-mongering Farrakhan and want to sit there in extreme discomfort as they listen to his anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-homosexual tirades.

What a message the Black Student Union is sending to the rest of the campus. "We are separate." "We will sit and applaud the words of a hate-filled man, and if anyone is offended, tough." This is setting us back 40 years, folks. And what is this talk of "self-determination", for God's sake?

Louis Farrakhan is a man who never left the 1960's. His contributions and those of his organization to the Civil Rights movement, racial reconciliation, and integration are nil. Betty Shabazz, the late widow of Malcolm X, always believed that Farrakhan had some involvement in the conspiracy within the Nation of Islam to kill her husband.

Farrakhan has his right of free speech, and the show will go on. I hope someone will be there to document it because if he makes one anti-Semitic statement, which he probably will, then UC President Mark Yudof can never deny or downplay the anti-Semitic cancer that infests his whole UC system. Better yet, he should attend it. He's only a few miles away.


Squid said...

There is a malignancy in the UC system. It involves some of the most virulent hate that I have ever seen. Although there are the haters, such as the Nation of Islam's Farrakhan, the Malik Ali's and many others, these haters do not have to be invited to the Universities to spew the hate. But, there are haters at the Universities, both Students, Staff and Administrators. They invite the haters in order to hear them deliver the hate, so they can enjoy such human excrement. Can this be cleaned up? Yes it can, if the leaders of the UC system develop the intestinal fortitude to say "This is not appropriate because it is hate".


Anonymous said...

There is a petition set up so people can voice their opposition to Farrakhan and him being invited as a speaker to Cal Berekely.

Squid said...

@ Anonymous,

Thanks Anonymous! I will go to this website and suggest that Farrakhan is a security risk, if he is allowed to come to the campus. That is, his army of thug-like body guards may want to beat the crap out of protesters who oppose this hate monger.

Although, the University may scream that this is a rights issue. So, it comes down to Farrakhan not getting an invite in the first place. Problem solved.



Findalis said...

People who appose Farrakhan should find their way into this event. Then at when everyone is entranced by his hate speech call out:

"Mike check!" and then proceed to chant slogans in the style of the OWS.

After all turn about is fair play. If the Muslims can do it to Jews, then Jews should be able to do it to this creature.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Do it, Findalis!