Saturday, March 31, 2012

In Germany, an Attempted Moment of Silence

Hat tip to Politically Incorrect

The German town of Remscheid, which is involved in a controversy over a planned mosque, attempted to hold a moment of silence for the victims in Toulouse during a recent anti-mosque demonstration. Some Turkish counter-demonstrators had other ideas. Politically Incorrect, a German blog, has the video.

One thing that is important to note is the decades-long history of immigration to Germany by Turks. True, they have faced their share of discrimination in Germany. Many have worked hard and built new lives for their families. They came from a  country that, while Islamic, had been moderate since the days of Mustafa Ataturk, who built a separation between the religion and the state. When I visited Turkey in the 1980s, it was a nice place with friendly folks who happened to be Muslim.

Nowadays, Turkey is changing. It has an Islamist leader, and many of its people are being lured into the militant form of Islam. Apparently, it is happening to some of the Turks in Germany as well.

I had been hoping that the Turkish population in Germany could have set the model for Muslims living in Europe. There had been a degree of assimilation not present in many other European countries. True, there were some criminals and drug traffickers who had found their way into Germany, but many honest Turks had been successful opening restaurants and other businesses.

All of that considered, to shout down a moment of silence for the victims of Toulouse is despicable. Those demonstrators did no favors to the Turkish population in Europe.

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