Sunday, February 26, 2012

They Are Watching Me

Obama - Biden
"Which of those guys is Rufus?"

The tentacles of Big Government have never been longer than they are now under Barack Obama. This is the latest e-mail I got today from some guy named Rufus Gifford. Their records indicate that I have not contributed to Obama and Biden's re-election campaign.

"That's a big f--------' deal."

"Make him an offer he can't refuse."


As you may have noticed, we've asked you for a donation a few times now.

But according to our records, you haven't yet made an online donation to this campaign at this email address. (If our records are wrong, I apologize and thank you!)

I'm not writing to ask you for money again. I'm actually writing to ask your opinion about why you haven't given, and what you think would inspire you or other Obama supporters like you to decide to take the leap and donate.

We have two quick questions for you. Can you take a minute to answer them?

There's a good reason we're asking for your feedback: The kind of organization we all decided to be a part of only works if people like you pitch in to build it.

It's also the reason no other candidate has been able to match our level of grassroots support. This isn't the easiest way to run a campaign -- but we know it's the right way.

"Whadda'ya means youse don't wanna contribute to the president?"

......."That's why we want to know what you're thinking.

Please take a minute to answer these two questions today:

Thanks so much,


Rufus Gifford
National Finance Director
Obama for America

P.S. -- Of course, if you'd like to become one of our million-plus grassroots donors today, by all means, please make a donation of $3 or whatever you can afford."

"Hey Buddy. Can ya spare 3 bucks?"
Paid for by Obama for America

So I goes to the link dat says, "What would inspire me to donate", and I says.....

"If someone put a gun to my head."


Siarlys Jenkins said...

As a friend of mine, married for over twenty years to another friend of mine (one male, one female) said in response to a solicitation call from a singles club, "Your database sucks."

But now that you've answered the survey, perhaps they will leave you alone.

Someone from a political party campaign office ASKS for your opinion, and you complain about the tentacles of big government???

I have to get around to answering that survey too. I'm going to remind them that if any solicitation rants about the dangers of right wing extremists, I will NOT donate, because my money would be wasted if that's what they want to talk to voters about.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

OK, I've offered them my response. I said I will NOT donate if they are spending my money to put out tired propaganda about "right wing extremists" taking over America. In the midwest, voters aren't really grabbed by that sort of line.

Moderation in pursuit of justice is indeed no virtue.

Extremism in defence of liberty is an oxymoron.