Thursday, February 23, 2012

"If You're Going to Jerusalem...."

Hat tip to Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

" sure to wear some flowers in your hair", as the 1960s song goes. Coincidentally, Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers has an interesting piece on what  happened recently to some Christian tourists visiting Jerusalem.

How ironic that the instigator of the violence appears to be none other than another one of those famed muftis in Jerusalem. I've been thinking; since we know what Palestinians do best (throw rocks), maybe my beloved Cubs, who have just opened a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic, should open an academy in Jerusalem or better yet, the West Bank. Just think of the pitching talent to be discovered. Why, in 4-5 years, I envision my Cubbies winning the World Series with the greatest five-man rotation in baseball, all Palestinians. They would be unbeatable-assuming they don't hit all the batters, of course.

I also take note of that great humanitarian organization Sabeel. If you don't know who they are, they are a Presbyterian organization dedicated to destroying Israel and helping make the whole region Judenrein. (That's free of Jews for all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors.) In case you didn't know it, that is apparently the policy of the Presbyterian church hierarchy these days.


Anonymous said...


Findalis said...

Bad news Gary. The Fakistinians just can't throw straight. They have no control of the rocks. After all this last time they attacked Christians not Jews.

Anonymous said...

The Norman Finkelstein video on the Pro-Blogger site linked was surprising.

Mr. Finkelstein who has shown himself to be crazy with his accusations against Dershowitz had some clarity and called the BDS movement out for what it is.

Good job, Mr. Finkelstein.

- Jeff

Findalis said...

Norm Finkelstein speaks out against BDS and the anti-Semites turn on him.

Finkelstein Sparks Outrage Within BDS Movement

Finkelstein is scratching his head, wondering why they have turned on him.

Anonymous said...

No comment on the link I posted, huh? What a surprise.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

"they are a Presbyterian organization dedicated to destroying Israel"

I rather doubt that. Care to supply some details?

Anonymous said...


There are assholes in every nation. I hope they catch and prosecute the criminals who burn mosques and do other douche bag acts.

The article notes:

"The Jerusalem police said they have arrested several suspects in this spate of attacks"


Anonymous said...

There seem to be only assholes in support of Israel.

I guess that makes sense. You can't be a healthy individual and support a racist murderous state that has taken over the government of our own nation

Gary Fouse said...


What a well-reasoned, well thought-out comment. Taken over our own government, eh? With Obama in the White House, I don't think so.

Pls drop by again when you have something so poignant to say.

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