Monday, February 20, 2012

Is the Obama Administration Working With the Islamists?

Hat tip to the Investigative Project on Terrorism

Steve Emerson is describing this as one of the most important articles he has read in years. It is an article written by an Egyptian, Essam Abdallah, in the Cutting Edge News. It describes the collaboration between Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the US with the Obama administration at the expense of courageous Muslims who speak out against our enemies and those in Egypt trying to bring true democracy to that country.

Emerson also talks about the success of radical Islamists in America to pressure the Justice Department and the FBI to get rid of training materials that call jihad what it is. I just finished a post on the town hall at the Islamic Center of Orange County that took place yesterday. I described how Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA) quoted Eric Holder on how the person (s) who put those materials together are no longer with (or used by) the department.

If true, Robert Mueller should be fired. The problem is-who is going to fire him-Eric Holder? Barack Obama? It is up to us, the American people. We have to fire Obama and his administration in November. If we don't, we are about to see a different America and a different world.

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