Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ron Paul Picks up Key Endorsement

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has picked up a key endorsement on the eve before the Florida primary, which could elevate him into serious contention for the nomination. It comes from one of America's biggest publishers.

Publisher A. E. Newman, CEO of DC Publications, says that Paul is the best equipped to challenge President Obama for the White House.

In an interview with CNN, Newman dismissed concerns about Paul's seemingly pacifist and isolationist foreign policy.

"I'm really not worried about that", says Newman. "In fact, Paul raises the point that the money we spend fighting wars could be better spent at home. Besides, who is going to attack the US?"

When queried as to whether he was concerned about Paul's ideas about government getting out of people's lives, Newman replied, "I am not worried about that at all. Paul is spot on. People need to take care of themselves and not rely on government all the time."

Newman also says he agrees with Paul that government needs to get out of the business of spying on its citizens.

"Everywhere you look now, we are prying into people's lives. We are looking at their e-mail. We have spies spying on our allies overseas. We even have spies spying on our other spies."

As to the other candidates, Newman was critical.

"That guy Romney is too slick for me. Santorum is too serious, and Gingrich has no sense of humor."

When asked if his endorsement was personal or reflected the opinion of his publishing board of directors, Newman stated that it was his personal decision, and did not reflect the opinions of the other board members.

"In fact", stated Newman, "only my editorial vice president, Mr. Donald Martin, is also supporting Paul."

Finally, Newman was asked if he was concerned that Paul's nomination would mean re-election for President Obama, and what Obama's re-election would mean for the future of the country.

"We'll be fine," he concluded.

"What? Me worry?"  

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Ron Paul comes within a smaller margin of President Obama than any other Republican candidate. He can't win either, but he is the one with the most solid support. If he ran as a third party candidate, better than one third of those who would vote for him are otherwise likely to vote for Obama. And the Republican insiders keep prattling about "electability" as a reason to stick with the Empty Shirt.