Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alaska Hit by Global Warming and Al Gore Keeps Racking up Awards

Hat tip to News and Squid

For all you Global Warmers out there waiting for the world to end, here is the latest weather update from Alaska.

Yes, folks. It is freezing up there. Below freezing, be jeezuz! Nevertheless, your friend and mine, Al Gore, is still forecasting gloom and doom (warm and sunny gloom, no less).

That's what Al Gore and his pal from India got a Nobel prize for using phony data from E. Anglia University.

And don't forget that Oscar.

I remember that boob with the glasses draped all over Big Al when they went on stage to pick up their Booby prizes.

Shades of Orson Welles in "War of the Worlds".

"I don't think that's funny."

Big Al even got an Emmy last year for his Current TV channel that nobody watches or even knows how to find.

Too bad he can't sing, or they would have given him a Grammy by now.

"I don't think that's funny."

But someday, it will all catch up with him, and he will be all alone in that big green mansion in Tennessee, just him and his awards-as I predicted in a posting long ago.........

"Now, that's funny."


Siarlys Jenkins said...

And all this signifies what?

Miggie said...

Record or near record low temperatures! Not only there but around the world. They didn't change the name from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" without reason. It would just be a giant hoax with certain players amassing fortunes if it weren't for the sad fact that these misplaced theories gum up the entire economy and we all suffer.

Squid said...

The E. Anglia University has changed its tune regarding "Man Made Global Warming. According to the "Met office of the University, it is not global warming that we need to worry about now, it is global cooling in the form of a mini ice-age. So much for a global doomsday. Check the link:


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Of course it's cold in Alaska. It's January. When did anybody say that wouldn't happen?

Simple question, Gary - who ever said that we shouldn't expect cold winters in Alaska?

Findalis said...

Such globull warming. Fairbanks was -50 degrees F. today.

Gary Fouse said...

Lance has stormed off this stage twice now, but he has an antenna alert for anything I write challenging global warming.

Miggie said...

Thanks for the link, Squid. I wonder if anyone has told Al Gore or President Obama about this about face by the same theorists who sought Cap N Trade and who knows how many rules and regulations that strangle commerce.

That's just one thing you will ever hear from liberals .... " I was wrong." Another is "I'm sorry for all the damage my stupid theories have done to the economy."

Ingrid said...

Gary, I am with Lance. You, Squid, Miggie etc. are sounding really dumb when it comes to the subject of climate change, it hurts. For this reason you are becoming implausible on other subjects too. And your obsession with Al Gore is more than childish.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

And all this signifies what?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

And you cannot answer the question. What a joke.

Gary Fouse said...

Lance and Ingrid,

I am astounded at your sense of humor. Lighten up.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Nice dodge.

Anonymous said...

Gary, this is exactly why people ignore you when you ask questions, demand answers, and then whine when you don't get them. It's the pot calling the kettle black.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

And is the joke here that you are TRYING to sound like a scientifically illiterate ignoramus who doesn't understand that even if the worst global warming scenario comes true, we would still expect cold winters in Alaska? Is that the joke? You're doing an impression of an idiot?

If so, then bravo, sir. You had me convinced that you have a gerbil's grasp of the issue.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

And did you not just complain in another post about how some people cannot answer a simple question?

Gary Fouse said...

To Lance and his anonymous pal in the peanut gallery.

Lance, I answered your challenges on Global warming long ago multiple times before you took your ball and went home. I am through playing your game. Your problem is when you disagree with someone and can't change their mind, you act like a petulant child.

Take your ball and your insults and go back home to stay.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

So, Gary, aside from the fact that your rant on this subject gets Lance's goat, what significance does the content of your post have? I still can't find any conclusions to draw from it... Is there some point you are trying to prove?

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, Siarlys,

Point is that Al Gore's awards are all a joke. I thought you had caught my drift. Sorry.

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, Siarlys,

Point is that Al Gore's awards are all a joke. I thought you had caught my drift. Sorry.

Gary Fouse said...

PS: Siarlys,

And don't worry about Lance. You ain't gonna see him around here any more.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

You said all that just to say that Al Gore's awards are a joke? Oh, I thought maybe you were trying to say something about whether there are significant indications that the climate is changing due to human output of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But you weren't clear. Good to know it wasn't about that, just about lampooning a sorry politico.

P.S. I thought you and Lance were friends.

Uncle Sam Lady Liberty Stars & Stripes said...

I haven't posted in a while, but I was just about to say I was sick of all this dissent. Our Founding Fathers (God Bless their souls) did not intend to foster disagreement on subjects that are clearly fact, such as Al Gore being an overrated hack at best, and a eco-terrorist at worst.

Gary, I wish you would ban MORE folks. It makes me crazy when I read something that challenges you. I mean, it's YOUR blog. Sure, you're putting it out for public consumption, and there's a comments section, but WE shouldn't be subjected to blatant LIES and PROPAGANDA by these libs.

Good riddance, Lance. I wish we could get rid of the Lamestream Liberal Media as easily. Gary, do you think there's any chance that our next REPUBLICAN president will be able to take down MSNBC, the New York Times, Time Magazine, etc, the way you got rid of Lance? I mean, freedom of the press shouldn't protect outlets whose only purpose is to serve up LIBERAL BIAS, should it? That's NOT what the FF's would've wanted.

Gary Fouse said...


To Lance, GW is a religion, and Al Gore is his prophet. lance gets very angry when you disagree with his point of view-very emotional I guess. In his last couple of comments, which I deleted, he called me a liar and then an F-----coward because I am not interested in revisiting old points we argued a couple of years ago.

I choose not to get in the gutter with him. It was a humorous post, but he apparently has no sense of humor. So I will ignore and delete his comments if he ever comes back.

As for MSNBC and the media, there's only one thing we can do. We have to counter them. They have the right to express their views. We have the right to counter them and poke fun at them. People like Schultz, Matthews and the rest give me so much ammunition. It's fun.

Freedom Liberty USA Forever said...

I agree, Gary. It's cold in Alaska. CASE CLOSED. Why can't these tree-hugging libs get it though their hemp-addled brains? There's no need to keep arguing something that's been settled.

It's cold in Alaska. That's all the proof we need.

The point of Gary's post was to laugh at Al Gore. It was HILARIOUS. Anyone who doesn't see that shouldn't be allowed to post on Gary's blog anymore. We don't need dissent, and we don't need people to drag us down into the gutter with them, trying to use factual arguments, when we already HAVE all the proof we need.

It's cold in Alaska, Lance. If you're reading this, get it through your thick, vulgar brain.

Squid said...

To all interested parties, especially Ingrid,

Yes it is cold in Alaska, but that is not the point. Alaska is experiencing record cold of -50 degrees in Fairbanks. Get it, record cold. Now let us go back a few years to remember what the fraud, Al Gore said about Alaska. He stated that the ice caps in Alaska would all be melted at this time! Now simply make the connection. Record cold (-50 degrees) and all the ice in Alaska melted, according to Al Gore.
Another point to make is that Al Gore was a large stock holder in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). The CCX would be the institution that would buy and sell "carbon credits". This scam would gross Al Gore a trillion dollars. The company went south with the "climate gate" scandal. Barack Obama helped fund the CCX with money from one of the foundations where he was a board member. A guy named Raines (formally of Fannie-May, where he made 30 million dollars) was the patient holder of the formula for the CCX.
Is this starting to make things clear? It is called money and fraud.


God bless our Country, Nation, and USA! said...

Hey fellow American patriot Squid:

I'm in total agreement with you. Problem is, I have this pinko roommate who went to UC BERKELEY, of all places, and thinks he knows EVERYTHING. I read him your last comment, and he scoffed at it.

He said, "Show me where Al Gore said the Alaskan ice caps would be melted by now. It's not in 'Inconvenient Truth.'" Then he gave me a website with the transcript of the movie (which, of course, I've never seen, as I'm not some TREE-HUGGING HIPPIE). Well, he was right. It's not there.

But I told him that Squid could definitely find and source where Gore had said that. He said, "It's amazing how obsessed you people are with Gore. With how much time you spend hating him, you think you'd be able to hate him for real reasons, rather than making stuff up."

That made me so mad! I told him all about this fraudulent CCX thing that Gore started to scam honest Americans out of our tax dollars and make money of his Henny Penny sky-is-falling nonsense. My roommate said that sounded like a paranoid Glen Beck fantasy and that there'd be no way for you to verify ANY of the information you posted about Gore, Obama, etc., and how they were gonna make a trillion dollars before they FAILED.

Again, I told him that Squid was one of the best internet researchers in the business, and he wouldn't state something like that as fact unless he absolutely KNEW it to be true. He said that you can't find any of the stuff Squid claimed on any reputable websites, that it would only be on "tinfoil-hat conservative nutball pages."

If you can believe it, he also said "Conservatives love to state unfounded conspiracy theories as fact, and act like the 'lamestream media' is too liberal to report on it. That makes no sense. Do you really think if Al Gore and Barack Obama were implicated in this kind of scandal, that it would just go unreported? That GLEN BECK would break this story, just throwing in the names of his usual suspects? Did he mention George Soros as being part of it, too? He did, didn't he? Damn, you guys are dumb. But you make it so easy to debate you."

I really need to find a new roommate. I hate that guy. Anyway, Squid, I need your help. Can you post some links so I can show my pot-smoking lib good-for-nothing roommate how wrong he is? Something from some reputable sites or hard-and-fast evidence that he can't dismiss as paranoid, partisan conspiracy? I really need you, buddy. This guy's kicking my ass with all his fancy "facts" and my lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

How can you deny that Global Warming and Climate Change aren't real and affecting us?

As Lance said earlier, of COURSE it's cold in Alaska. It's January. What do you think was going to happen? As soon as they announced the fact that global warming is real and happening, POOF! 110 degrees in Anchorage!

Global warming is the OVERALL warming of the earth. In the last 100 years, the earth's average temperature has warmed by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Climate change is one of the effects that global warming has on the earth. Record cold in Alaska compared to record heat in Lake Tahoe that has resulted in absolutely NO SNOW.

Gary Fouse said...


I'll let you deal with that one.

Miggie said...

I can't believe that the Libs are now denying that they claimed the icebergs would melt and the seas would rise. That was the global warming hysteria that the cities would be flooded that was created by Gore, et. al. Didn't Obama even say in a speech that the day he was inaugrated would be the day the seas would cease to rise?

If you just Google ""Icebergs melting" you'll get over 40 pages of articles. That's when I gave up so there are many more, all pro and con. Here is one:

Squid said...

@ G*d bliss or Country,

If it seems that what I research is a complete conspiracy theory, I can understand. It seems to be a conspiracy when one first gets entangled in the web of curiosity. Research is what I do and teach. It is like a disease.
In any account, here are two LINKS that may help you with your friend (you may have to copy them into your browser if the link does not work from this comment section).


R.I.P.: Al Gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange Has Died

Gore: polar ice caps will melt completely “in just a few years”

Ingrid said...

Squid, some people have more time to do research, and are more eloquent in expressing their thoughts, like the "God bless our country" patriot, who I think is hilarious.
No one can exactly predict what is going to happen, but I do trust scientists on this subject more than people like you and Gary who don't seem to feel the frustration that our young people deal with, and one doesn't need to be a scientist to see that something is terribly wrong with our climate and our whole planet.
Now, since I am a Christian and do believe in the Word, I go by what revelation points out that "He will bring to ruin those who are ruining the Earth", now what in the heck is meant by that? I don't think that you are a Christian but Gary claimes to be one, so I let him tell me what it means.

Squid said...

@ Ingrid,

Belief in G*d is personal, so I will refrain from this topic.
Regarding man made global warming, Art Horn is dedicated to this research and has compiled 800 papers for review. The papers are anti-global warming. I hope this is helpful.
With regard to the welfare of the globe. I am all for it. California has done a lot with car emissions, so we can breath fresh air. Regulations banning carcinogenic chemicals is also great. But we must be careful to put our monetary resources in the right place to save our planet. Al Gore is out for cash and that is it.



Siarlys Jenkins said...

Since Gary is neither a coward nor a dime-store fascist, and does not feel threatened when someone who sharply disagrees with him says so, I will try to add something sensible to this brouhaha. Gary will disagree, which is his right, but he is sufficiently confident in what he believes, that he has no impulsive desire to censor me out. He is a gentleman, a scholar, and a virtuous citizen of the Republic. In my seldom humble opinion, he is often wrong, but that is another matter.

My understanding is probably not substantially different from Lance, but I really don't care to run my blood pressure up over it.

So, Alaska is experiencing record cold. Here in Wisconsin, when I was growing up, we had a couple of feet of snow on the ground for three or four months every winter. Piles along the curbs were six feet high, and the safest time to drive was at night, because at least you could see the headlights of cars around the corner. Temperatures dropped to 15 or 20 below zero for ten days to three weeks at a time, two or four times a year. We walked to school through it. Spring, when it finally came, was glorious.

Now, we have some winters with no snow at all, some with up to a foot that lasts for three or four weeks. This year, we got five inches in January, which had pretty much all melted by the end of the month. We may get more, we may not. Temperatures seldom dip as low as zero, and are often in the 40s, occasionally even in the 50s. This has been a pattern for at least twelve years now. I'd say things are definitely warmer.

So, if weather conditions in one state for one year, much less one day or one week, are the litmus test of global warming, I'd say we have some evidence that needs careful consideration here.

It is also true that the east coast got a freak snowstorm in OCTOBER, which incidentally all melted within a week. Snow, as those of you in California may or may not know, generally falls in profuse quantities when warm moist air meets colder air. So it took an unusual infusion of warm, moist air from the south to create that snow fall.

For the consideration of those of you in California, I recently got an email from an orchard that does a brisk internet business -- I like them for their dried apricots, because the California ones have a tangy taste you don't get from Turkish ones, and the local stores hardly carry the California item any more.

The orchard reports: "Water from the Sierra Nevada Snow Pack is arguably the single most critical element to California's largest economy which happens to be agriculture. ... Although the rain-snow season is not by any means over, we are deep into the season and have received very little precipitation so far. According to the California Department of Water Resources, through most of January we were at 39% of normal We are concerned and hope for a stormy February and March."

So do I, because I like being able to order California dried apricots for the remarkably low price of $6 a pound. A bad crop would drive up the price.

One of the predicted effects of global warming was and is that the snow pack and glaciers (California mostly lacks the glaciers) on which rivers rely would diminish and/or dry up. Human beings are an ornery bunch, so what will eventually make people take carbon dioxide output seriously is when major industries, employment, and livelihood are genuinely threatened by indisputable results of increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It will not happen because Al Gore makes a movie or gives a speech. That's just the way we are.

God Bless Our Country, Nation, and USA! said...

My roommate says that the link Miggie posted is to a biased website with an agenda that makes scientific claims while not being able to show where the information comes from.

I hate him and his college education SO MUCH.

He also claims that if you read actual science blogs, that many scientists are disheartened by Gore's propensity to exaggerate. He got this article by googling the terms Squid used:
It's says Gore's full of bs: He said the Arctic Ice would be gone in a few years. Most scientists are saying it will take more like 20!

I told him that PROVES global warming's a hoax! Al Gore was exaggerating, and everyone knows he's like the head of the whole thing! Who cares if scientists say it will all melt in 20 years? AL GORE WAS WRONG!!!

My roommate then pointed out the fact that a company that relied on companies to voluntarily reduce and trade carbon emissions and had no gov't backing folded doesn't show any evidence of fraud. He wants to know how that accusation has been shown or proved in any way whatsoever.

He said anyone who characterizes it as such either doesn't know what the CCX was, what it did, or how it was started, or that the person knows and is just changing the facts to fit with the narrative that suits them: Al Gore, Barack Obama, etc. are criminals trying to make money off the climate change movement. He says if there were any truth to any of that, Republican congressional members would be launching investigations and the media would be running with the story, as it would be HUGE news.

Do you see how annoying it is living with this creep?

THEN do you know what he did? He googled Gary's blog. To me, Gary is a hero who is always right and shouldn't be argued with. But then my STUPID, LIBERAL roommate showed me this:

I'm moving out.

Gary Fouse said...


It's that GW fanatic, Lance again-under an assumed name. (LOL)

God bless our Country, Nation, and USA! said...

Nope, not Lance. Compare my ip address or whatever, if that's an option. Just a concerned citizen.

Miggie said...

God Bless Our Country,

You came to the right conclusion. Move out!

It is a gigantic waste of time and effort to argue with idiots, fanatics, and True Believers on the internet.

Just set up rules in your email program that send any thing with their name on it straight to the trash folder. Don't bother reading anything they post on a thread you are following. What they write is not worth getting upset over, as they are inconsequential.

Others, on both sides of various issues, are worth reading because clarity about what they believe is important as well as information that you simply don't know about. However, there are some that are clearly biased idiots and you will learn who they are soon enough. Just ignore them and you will be a lot happier and be able to spend more tim on your college courses.

God bless our Country, Nation, and USA! said...

Thanks, Miggie. I've found it's REALLY hard to get away from idiots on the internet. They're everywhere! Some of them are so stupid they don't even recognize satire when they see it, even when it's laid on REALLY, REALLY thick.

Thank god there are still intelligent, researching, conservative intellectuals like you out there to keep those morons honest.

Thanks for being one of the good ones, and ignoring all those biased viewpoints in search of the truth.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

"It is a gigantic waste of time and effort to argue with idiots, fanatics, and True Believers on the internet."

Why Miggie, are you asking for some peace and quiet and to be left alone? I don't consider my time and effort wasted arguing with you. Its good practice to argue with a True Believer such as yourself. I won't even call you an idiot. You may be a fanatic, but I would hesitate to say that without meeting you in person.

Maybe at the Fousesquawk Reunion at Wrigley Field this summer?

Flag God U.S.A. Eagle #1 said...

Miggie, normally you're the smartest guy around here (maybe tied with Findalis and Gary) but I think you might be missing something here. I think this "God Bless our Country" guy isn't being sincere. I think he may be trolling you.

But thank goodness that IDIOT Lance "Christian" Johnson is gone for good! Gary done did right by getting rid of him!

Oooh..."nobody ever said it wouldn't be cold". So what if nobody ever said it? The FACT is that Al Gore is STUPID and that that guy WORSHIPS him!

Gary Fouse said...


lance is in spam land.

Flag God U.S.A. Eagle #1 said...

Hopefully he's not still posting using "Anonymous" or some other handle. I'm sure you'll figure it out though if he does.