Monday, November 28, 2011

UC Regents Meeting Disrupted on 4 Campuses

Protesters of the UC Regents hold a 'People's UC Meeting' during the UC Regent's Meeting at UCSF, November 28, 2011.
(Photo by Daily Californian)

Is anybody in charge of the University of California system? It sure isn't UC President Mark Yudof, and it sure isn't any of the UC chancellors. Today, a telecon UC Regents' meeting on four UC campuses was disrupted and shut down by student and Occupy protesters.

We may as well admit it. The UC system is dysfunctional because it cannot deal with unruly students and other protesters who think that they own the campuses.

Correction: They do own the campuses.

What should have happened is that the feckless regents should have told the campus police to evict and arrest the disruptors. If they are students, they should be expelled. Instead, university authorities cringe in fear of the students and radical professors. They apologize if cops pepper-spray them when they refuse to move. They allow them to take over regents' meetings. They promise investigations of their campus police, and they ask the anarchists to work together to ask the state for more money. It is disgusting.

Thank God we have a student body at UC-Irvine (where I teach part-time) that, with few exceptions, is too busy studying serious subjects like engineering, biology, pre-med and others to bother with this nonsense.

Ironically, one demand the anarchists have that I agree with is for the various chancellors and President Yudof to resign-for entirely different reasons. For five years now I have watched Yudof and his chancellors turn their collective heads from anti-Semitic hate speech on their campuses by pro-Palestinian radicals. Now the same people are faced with another challenge they cannot face down.

A university is a place to study and learn. It is not a place that students should be able to take over when this or that doesn't suit them. The majority of the students on these campuses want to study without all this nonsense creating havoc on campus. Those who run these campuses have a duty to ensure that the rights of those students are protected and they are getting what they or their families are paying for. If they cannot or will not do that, they all need to go.


Miggie said...

I couldn't make out all of their poster but it was clear that they wanted the banks to "pay."

Presumably they mean their student loans which would relieve them of the obligation to repay the loans that they agreed to repay. They went to someone or someplace to apply for those loans which paid for the classes, food, shelter, and whatever else the loans paid for. Nobody forced them or tricked them into taking out those loans yet they feel aggrieved now to the extent that they want to shut down the university.

I suppose the concept of a man's word is his bond is a foreign or stupid concept. The hated banks will naturally be justified in not making those loans again.

No wonder Obama wanted to take over the student loan business. Now he can forgive the loans if he chooses and pay for it with taxpayer money. He or his administration can give student loans to supporters or withhold from opponents. He would like to use taxpayer money to get more constituents.

Typical of the Left, all they want is benefits to themselves and don't care about consequences. It is called Stage One Thinking. It will work for as long as they can bilk taxpayers. There is already a very strong reaction from the taxpayers who no longer want to pay for this waste and expense for these ungrateful louts.

When you tax the wealthy inordinately and give their money to these low life degenerates you will end up with fewer wealthy and more degenerates.

Findalis said...

No one has told these idiots that you have to make clear, and smart choices in life. There is no free lunch.

During their lives so far they received smiley faces and gold stars for just showing up to school, for being potty trained, for just trying. They got trophies for just participating in games that have no scores. Mommy and/or Daddy did their homework in High School, wrote their papers and demanded their little angel get good grades just for showing up. They take classes and get degrees in BS subjects that lead to no real career, no real job.

All this has given us these ingrate bastards who believe that the world owes them a living. That they should get the corner office, $100k a year, and the fancy car immediately. (Only if you sleep with the boss, or are the boss's kid.)

They need to get a job, any job. Work 2 or 3 but pay your bills. And stand on their own two fee.

California for one cannot afford them, neither can the rest of the US.

Miggie said...

Anyone should be able to see the intensity of the blowback to Obama's social philosophy and what has flowed from it.

There is nothing like this on the left. All they have is some vague whining for free stuff and complaints about the unfairness of it all.

Let me be the first to go on record here that Obama will be routed in the election. It may be as bad as Mondale. Of course he may well pull an LBJ pullout first.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Poor students. They want to be oppressed workers. They're not workers. The regents aren't capitalists. Students don't get paid a pittance to be at the school so the regents can make money. Students pay big bucks to be at the school to get something out of it (supposedly). The regents don't have any capital invested in the university. Everybody knows the university loses money -- what kind of investment is that?