Friday, November 25, 2011

Is This What Obama Supports?

It is being increasingly evident that the Obama administration favors the takeover of Middle Eastern countries like Egypt by radical Islamist forces. In spite of the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood rising to power in Egypt, the administration is now urging the military to hand over power to "civilian" rule NOW. The New York Times, in predictable fashion, calls it steering Egypt to democracy.

Here is what the New York Times would rather leave out.

Call me pessimistic, but we might as well admit it. In Egypt, they hate America, they hate Israel, and it's either going to be the military of the Muslim Brotherhood in charge. I don't think we can much control the events, and why the Hell should we try? Let them make their own choices, but then we should draw the conclusions. If Egypt is going to become the next Iran, let's rediscover who our true allies are.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Interestingly enough, for this dour hypothesis, Israel is becoming more and more an Orthodox nation, which imposes on political democracy, civil liberties, and religious freedom, in a manner not unlike that of the Muslim Brotherhood, only in the name of the Torah, not the Qu'ran.

As Israel becomes more a "Jewish state" in the theocratic sense, rather than the ethnic sense, as it becomes less secular, and less socialist, it also becomes less a colonization project of European Jewry, and more a home to middle eastern Jews, which has some interesting implications for the land questions. Maybe a good "land swap" would be for Palestinians who lost land in 1947-1948 to receive compensatory land grants in the nations the Arabic-speaking Jews fled from, including Libya, Egypt, and Iraq.

Findalis said...

Actually the Orthodox in Israel make up a small minority. They have tried to impose their crazy ideas, but the Israeli courts have struck them down.

So while Israel will always be the "Jewish Nation", it has never been an European colony.

From 1949 onward, with the introduction of 1 million Jews from Arab nations, the nation has acquired a very distinctive Middle Eastern flavor.

It also acquired a great influx of new genetic material and many Israeli families today are a mixture of European and Middle Eastern Jews.

The land swap you propose has been proposed by Golda Meir, Abba Eban, and others. The Arabs reject it outright. It is give them the Nation of Israel or nothing. Then it will be nothing.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Your history is accurate Findalis, except for the most recent events. The Orthodox HAVE BEEN restrained by the courts, but they are now beginning to acquire positions in the courts, and they make up 40 percent of the officer corps of the armed forces. The Muslim Brotherhood are not an outright majority either. The Orthodox are coming to carry the same kind of weight. Also, they are the armed factions that occupy land in the West Bank, which is holding up a serious settlement with the Palestine Authority.